Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week 2 - Favorite Things

I am proud of myself for now blogging 3 times in two weeks! Let's just hope I can keep it up! This blog is for my favorite things for the week.

Micky and I enjoyed a great Sunday together this past weeked! We went to church together, had lunch, and took a trip to the mall :) We received a Sephora gift card from some of our wonderful friends for Christmas, so we decided to use it! I have honestly just always used make-up from Target so I wanted to start with the basics so that way I can build myself up. The sales lady there was amazing, if you go in ask for Lindsey! She definitely knew what she was talking about. I have combination skin, oily nose & forehead but extremely dry chin, therefore Lindsey picked out some great stuff for me. After identifying my skin type, she asked about my trouble areas (darkspots and acne). This lead her to an oil based mosturizer which shocked me. I thought oil to fight oil? However, I use two drops twice daily and I can already see a huge difference in my skin. It has kept my skin properly mosturized all day long and has improved the overall appreance of my skin. The 1.7oz bottle was $48; however, you use so little each day that I am sure it will last me at least a year. Also you can use it for not only your face but also for split ends, cuticles, and skin treatment (like dry elbows).

Use two drops, rub until warm in hands, and then dab onto skin.

As I continue my obsession with Clif products, I had to try the Luna Protein Bars. I love chocolate and peanuts, so I thought I should try the Chocolate Peanut Butter. These bars are delicious! Now they are 5 WW points, but they serve as a great breakfast or pre-workout snack like the other Clif Bars. These have a very different texture than the Clif granola bars, but they are wonderful.

This season I purchased Tiger Basketball tickets. I have absolutely loved getting to take friends and my family to the games this season. This past Saturday, my best friend Anna Claire went with me to watch the Tigers play Harvard. After the game we were starving so we decided to try a new place to eat downtown. I had heard of Local Gastropub and their great brunch, so we decided to give it a try! Neither of us had ever tried chicken and waffles, but when we saw the pecan crusted chicken and sweet potato waffles menu item we knew we had to order it. Delicious doesn't even fully describe the food. Now this meal is definitely not on WW, but hey a girl has to treat herself every once in a while ;) I even got a wonderful Mimosa to wash down the waffles.

Here is there website if you want to give it a try!

I always want to end each post with  favortie quote of mine, so in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day my quote comes from him.

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." - MLK Jr.

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