Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer is fading...

Well, I haven't blogged in quite some time! I promise I am going to be better about keeping up with this! It really helps me to relax, so I definitely need to do it more often!

Europe was amazing! I learned so much about myself and met so many people! Here are a few pics from the last week of my trip, in Italy!

Murano Island - Venice, Italy

Florence, Italy


Rome, Italy - The Coliseum

Inside the Coliseum

Making a wish at the Trevi Fountain

Trevi at night

Once I returned from Europe, I got a call from my best friend Stephanie Bobo and she invited me to Charleston, SC for vacation with her family! We had such an amazing time. It was a week full of sunbathing, bike riding, great dinners, Charleston tours, and fun scrabble nights! We had a great time. I am so lucky to have a friend like her and enjoyed spending the week with her family.

On the boardwalk in Charleston.

On the pier right by our condo! 

After such a great week, I had to head back to Memphis to start school. I am currently a "Super Senior" as I like to call it and I am in the first block of the Residency program for Education. I am in a classroom 2 days of the week and in classes on campus the other 2 days of the week. I am so happy with my placement! I am in a 1st grade classroom at Bartlett Elementary! I absolutely love it there and I love my mentor teacher! It has definitely been a strange adjustment to going from a super involved student to just being a student, but I am beginning to get adjusted. I did get to help out with Alpha Gamma Delta's recruitment and am so excited to say that Hayley Baker, a friend of mine since childhood, joined AGD!!! I am so excited to have all of my "sisters" from Shelbyville as squirrels now :)

Hayley, Me, Micky, & Bailie 

My parents also got to come to Memphis for parents night during recruitment, so we were so excited to spend the weekend with them! I enjoyed getting to show them all of the Tigers on campus that are here for the centennial celebration!

Mom & Dad with the tigers on campus!

In front of the fountain!

I have also gotten to go to several Tiger football games!!! They haven't had the best of season, but I went home last weekend for the Memphis vs. MTSU game and it was a pretty close game!

TOM the tiger :)

Laura, Me, Megan, and Erin

Me & Micky at the MTSU/ Memphis game!
 I have also gotten to do some fun things with friends lately including, getting to see The Lion King in 3D and getting to go to a paint & wine night at Art and Soul!

Laura & Anna

Me & Suzanna

Laura, Me, and Anna with our paintings :)

So that was a pretty quick update, but I am hoping to blog more in the upcoming months!!! I am definitely looking forward to fall break in just a few weeks! I will be going home for the Bell Buckle Craft Fair, so I am sure I will get some great stuff to blog about from there! And of course I can't wait to spend the time with my amazing family!!!

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson