Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Countdown to Europe!!!

I am so excited because in just a matter of days I will be leaving for Europe for an entire month!! I will be traveling to several locations in Europe including Spain, France, Italy and the UK! This is obviously the main reason that I am creating this blog. I want a way to not only document the trip for myself, but also for all my friends and family can keep up with me on the trip as well!

The purpose for my trip is to visit Alicante, Spain for a two and a half week study abroad program. I will be attending the University of Alicante to study Teaching English as a Second Language and to assist in teaching an English course. I am looking forward to meeting other students at the University and learning from the various professors I will get to meet.

Since the plane ticket to Spain was quite an expensive one, I decided to extend my trip to Europe and to make it a vacation as well. Originally, my study abroad program was going to be June 12-29th, so I added about of week of time before and after the program. Now, I will be leaving June 5th and not returning until July 7th! I will be spending time in London and Paris before my program and time in Venice, Florence and Rome after!

I am currently busy with last minute planning and packing so if anyone has any tips please share! Below I have pictures of the top 5 things I want to see on my trip! Hope you enjoy!!!

5) The Anne Frank House - Museum. We have a layover in Amsterdam, so I would love for us to be able to stop and see the museum since I am obsessed with Anne Frank and her story!

4) Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London

3) The Trevi Fountain, Rome

2) The Colosseum, Rome

1) The Eiffel Tower, Paris

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  1. Kelly, I can't wait to follow along on your adventures! Just yesterday I reminisced on my blog about the two months Jonathan and I spent in Europe when we were newlyweds. Travel is life changing, and I am so glad that you get to have this experience!